Lindesnes, southernmost part of Norway

The first plan for the summer holidays 2020 was to travel to Switzerland with friends. Due to the Covid-19 situation it was not tempting at all to travel abroad. So what are the options then? Sitting at home reading a book on the balcony? That was absolutely a no go! Since march we are sitting mostly at home and do home-office. It was time for a change and to see something else than the walls of our flat. So we decided to road trip from Oslo to Norsjø, Nevlunghavn, Spangereid (Lindesnes) and Stord.

The name Lindesnes refers not to a city or village name. It is a municipality in Agder county, Norway. The distance from Oslo to Lindesnes is around 400 km which is not a big deal to reach in a day by car.


Spangereid is a lovely place right at the sea with beautiful cabins, flowers and sand beaches. Unfortunately, the water was too cold for my taste. That is why I skipped swimming in the sea. We had a lovey stay at the cabin of our friend Ingrid.

Spangereid beach
Beach in Spangereid

Spangereid got pretty famous because of the first and biggest underwater restaurant “Under“. That is why we tried to book a table in advance. However, we had no luck to get a table for two. If you like to dine at this restaurant, start planning several months ahead!

Restaurant Under
Underwater restaurant Under

Ingrid’s parents invited us to a crab lunch in the garden. It was my first try to clean crabs at all. I love the tools we got to crack the shells. All you need is a wood plate and a handy stone! But take care, do not crush your fingers. In a addition you need a crab picker to get out the meat of the legs. After all, I need some more practice to get the drill!

Cleaning crabs with stone and crab tools!


Mandal is a small city not far away from Spangereid with nice white-painted wooden houses. I was not able to get up to the Uranienborg because it was too steep and bumpy with the wheelchair. At the bakery we found delicious sweets and good coffee. Close to the white pedestrian bridge is a red ball in the harbor. I am still wondering if this art or what?

Lindesnes fyr (lighthouse)

The lighthouse Lindesnes fyr is situated on the Southern cape of Norway. It is quite a unique place with bunker tunnels underground. We were incredibly lucky with the weather. Therefore the view to the sea and landscape was fantastic. I would recommend visiting in every weather condition. It must be impressive or scary to experience storm, rain and huge waves hitting the cliffs.

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