About me

André Wittwer (Aendu)

Who is Aendu?

My friends in Switzerland call me Aendu. Swiss people love to shorten names. Therefore I decided to name my blog aendu.rocks. I live in the beautiful city Oslo in Norway. I was born in Switzerland in a small, lovely town called Thun. Thun is surrounded by high mountains and lies next to the lake of Thun. My hobbies are concerts, photography, playing electric guitar, cooking, travelling and mixing cocktails. Music is an especially important part of my life. I love different genres like rock, metal, jazz, film music and classic. I especially fell in love with more complex music like progressive rock and progressive metal music.


I work as a software developer in a big insurance company in Oslo. After more than 12 years, I gained a lot of experience in programming, especially C# .NET. But I am not bound to just one programming language though. I am not just a data nerd because I love working together in a team. Check out my LinkedIn account to find out more about my work experience.

Why a blog?

What can you expect about my blog? Firstly, I want to write about my favorite travel experience. Secondly, I will write about my experience with mixing cocktails, cooking and baking. Moreover, I will write about my favorite trips, concerts, music and cocktails.

If you like to see more pictures, check out my photos in my smugmug gallery.

Love is wonderful!

Ingunn and André at the beach
Ingunn and André in Spangereid

I never thought I would move to a foreign country. But there could be only one good reason and that is love. I met Ingunn, my girlfriend, the first time in Helsinki. It took a year until we fell in love with each other. After a long distance relationship, I decided to do the huge step and move to Norway.

Ingunn is an active blogger and she writes about her experiences travelling in a wheelchair. If you are looking for a travel blog for people with and without wheels, then I highly recommend Ingunn’s blog wheeltheworld!

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